What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care is the services provided to help pediatrics, adults and seniors who are recovering after a hospital or facility stay, technologically dependent individuals, or clients who need additional supports to remain safely and comfortably at home. It is designed to help you recover in the comfort of your home through rehabilitation and skilled nursing services.

How do I request home health services?

A patient, physician, hospital case manager, family member, insurance case manager, support coordinator, and other community coordinators, can contact Golden Health Services to request service. However, Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance providers require a physician’s prescription for certified home health care services. If a physician does not prescribe home health care, but the individual still desires services, the home health agency can suggest a plan of care to meet a wide variety of needs and coordinate with your physician and insurance provider or support coordinator as the need may be.

Who pays for care?

At Golden Health Services, we can help to answer your financial and insurance questions. Medicare, Medicaid and many other insurance providers cover all or a portion of care provided by certified home health care agencies. Check with your individual insurance carrier for your plan. Services can also be paid for directly by the person or family of client receiving care, which is commonly referred to as “private pay.”

Please feel free to contact us, our home care specialists can help you to understand if the services you need may be covered by outside sources, and then contact those sources to determine your eligibility. If your care services are in excess of what your coverage allows, you have the option of paying the difference out of pocket.

Where can you get home care services?

Home care services can be provided wherever home is; at a private residence, a senior living community, or while staying with a friend or family caregiver.

How long does home care last?

There is no set length of time for home care; depending on individual’s specific needs. Home health care services may last for a few hours, days, weeks, while others may be for a long term basis. If a physician is prescribing your home care, he or she will ensure services specifically tailored to your needs, and until your goals of care are met. If however, you are making the decision to start home care on your own, you can determine how many hours a week of care you need, and how often you need care. Most especially, for private pay. Some home care providers may have a minimum hourly commitment to start care, or require you to sign a contract for certain duration of time. 

For other questions or personalized answers to all your home health care  questions, please feel free to contact our home healthcare specialists. Give us a call at 215-289-9005, or email us at Info@Goldenhealthservices.com