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Healthcare 101: How To Become A Home Health Care Aide

Healthcare 101: How To Become A Home Health Care Aide

A home health aide is a professional caregiver that provides in-home assistance to people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, age-related issues, or cognitive impairments. People who desire to remain in their homes to recuperate instead of being shifted to an outpatient facility can take assistance from home health aides.

A home health aide provides basic assistance such as administering medicines, checking for vital signs like the pulse rate, temperature, etc, and providing assistance with other daily chores. It is a profession ideally suited for those who are passionate about caring for others and helping people recuperate.

What is a Home Health Aide Required to Do?

A home health aide primarily provides personal care to an individual who needs assistance. Whether the person has an illness, is of advanced age, has a disability, or some sort of cognitive impairment, a caregiver can make day-to-day living easier for them.

The daily tasks of a home health aide can vary depending upon the person they’re caring for. Home health aides can help with personal routine tasks such as bathing, dressing, moving, eating, going to the bathroom etc. They can also help the person with mobility; take them on errands such as grocery shopping, picking up medicines, doctor’s appointments, and more. Or if the person is unable to leave the house, the home health aide can run errands for them.

The Physical Demands and the Work Environment

A home health aide can be employed with an agency or work individually. Either way, the aide works in the person’s house and will be equipped with basic medical knowledge and equipment. The job is often a bit physically demanding since the home health aide is required to move the person around, clean, and do other physical tasks.

The Physical Demands and the Work Environment

Education and Training

A home health aide will typically not need a college degree, but often, health aides are trained by nurses or other medical professionals. However, home health aides can get trained professionally and acquire training for Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

The Benefits

The biggest perk of becoming a home health aide is that it’s intrinsically emotionally rewarding. People who are passionate about caring for others and helping them get better will find immense job satisfaction in this area. You will be able to make a significant impact on someone’s life for the better.

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